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What we offer.

Areas of Service

Automotive Service

Here at AG AutoSports we take pride in providing quality products, and service. We strive to make sure that we are not lumped into the same category as every other automotive performance provider. We also provide general repair services to everyone and anyone in need of quality repairs. Everything from an oil change to engine replacement. We service almost all makes and models. 

Our technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment and software that enables them to accurately diagnose each issue. We will also provide our clients with a few choices of what we believe to be the best parts and prices for their particular application.

Upon completion of a repair or service the technicians will test, and confirm all work before the vehicle is returned.

Our staff is also available for any custom projects that our clients might request. If you have an idea for your car and want to make it a reality we can help you.

How We Build

AG AutoSports takes pride in the quality of our engine builds, but few are aware of the extensive process a properly assembled high performance engine should go through.

The AG AutoSports builds are measured to our specifications to utilize each product, fastener, seal and pin to the pinnacle of performance. On the premises AG AutoSports has the tools to precisely measure journal clearances, bores, and engine components with an accuracy of +/-0.0019” (about the width of a human hair). With these tools, we are able to build extremely reliable high performance engines. This also allows for our clients to drive their cars daily without sacrificing luxuries like Air Conditioning.

After initial assembly and installation all engines are road tested for performance and durability. Using this service model we can figure out what changes need to be made to make the engines perform as optimal as possible.


Everyone realizes that their stock engines will not hold up to this ever demanding world of performance, but few are aware that performance is not just about high horse power numbers or quarter mile times. Most automotive enthusiast tend to deal with the issues people chasing high horse power numbers run into. Like cold cranking, stalling, and other drivability issues.

With that said we believe tuning is essential for every engine related upgrade. For this we are privileged to say that we have one of the best tuners in the industry (CriSpeed) in house. Who takes all of these things into account and makes your 800hp+ cars start and drive like stock.


When searching for those extra ponies we all sometimes run into problems that the aftermarket product providers cannot solve. Sometimes you have to part scientist, part surgeon, and a little crazy. To be able to come up with the ideas to solve these issues. 

Since we are all human your goals may tend to surpass what is available on the market. AG AutoSports is no stranger to modifying and creating solutions by hand when tools are not available or applicable. Our clients have the confidence in our ability to invent solutions because they can see the crazy, sense the scientist, and have watched the surgeries take place.