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Air Conditioning service

Did you know that without regular maintenance an air conditioner loses about 5% of its original efficiency per year? This means that without proper maintenance, your air conditioning unit may be performing as poorly as other models that are years older! But there is good news: you can still recover most of that lost efficiency.  Call and make an appointment today to give your day a little more coolness.


Battery service

Interstate Battery is the way to go for your vehicle.  Most of Interstate batteries provide a seven year warranty including a 24 month FREE replacement. Visit our location and we will check your battery and charging system for FREE as part of our Oil Change and 20-point vehicle inspection.


Battery service


Keeping your brakes in top condition is essential to both safety and performance. With everything from calipers, brake pads and rotors, to master cylinders and hoses, we have the parts to give you stopping power when you need it most and the experience to make sure it all works together. Have your Brakes inspected with your next visit to our Shop, where our Techs can give you advice you need and the proper service when you need it.


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Customer Reviews


"Ever since AWD closed, I have been looking for a shop to take my EVO to, so I gave them a call about a little issue I had. The owner squeezed me in even on a busy day. Within a minute, my problem was solved. I couldn't be any happier. They also took the time to walk me around the shop and showed me the car they currently working on. They got some big hp EVO's that they are building. The owner and staff are very cool. So if you are in South Florida and looking for an EVO shop I would recommend Ag AutoSports."


"After AWD motorsports closed there service department. I was searching for a shop that could at least meet the needs of my EVO. I'm glad to say I found one that has surpassed every want or need I could have. Ag autosports is an true EVO specialist and i would recommend this shop with confidence to anyone looking to have their EVO or any other import performance car repaired or modified. I will definitely be going back here for as long as I am stationed down here."


"Awesome shop, they have a great team. Had an excellent experience and would highly recommend them."


"They were just awesome. If you're looking for an honest shop ran by knowledgeable people this is the place. I've had a lot of work done here on my S2000; engine head work, clutch install, turbo kit install and tune. Nothing but grade A work. This is a professional shop , you can't go wrong with them."


"Best shop in town... The first and only shop that cares about you car. You want your Evo, STI, or GTR to outrun the rest, go see AG!"

Richie Manuel

"No words can explain how much Anthony helped me on my build. He took care of me in every way he could, as long as he is in business, my car will be at AG AutoSports no doubt! Much thanks man!"

Steve Vigo

"I don't always admit to losing a race to an EVO!! But when i do! Im glad to admit AG Auto Sports Built that EVO that beat me."


"As soon as I walked into AG and met Anthony, the owner I could tell he was extremely honest and trustworthy and definitely knew his stuff. In this industry it all comes down to honesty and delivering the results that are expected and thats exactly what you will get out of AG is honesty and expected results. Anthony and his team at AG are the real deal, and really impressed me with his entire operation. He takes the time and effort to go above and beyond with making sure you get exactly what you are looking for. I will definitely be back and I highly recommend them."


"Just had work done on my GT-R by AG. These guys are pros not only did they do excellent job, they found a few extra problems and fixed them as well. All for a very reasonable price. These guys are pros who love what they do. Best shop in SO FLA."


"Great Evo shop and a great experience! Worth the ~3 hour drive to Ft. Laud, FL for the work. Anthony was attentive, talked to me about my previous shop experiences and what condition the car was in, as well as what my current and future goals were.

I found Anthony to be very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend working with him in the future. I’ll be driving down to see him for any large maintenance that is required on my Evo from this point forward. After years of searching, I've found my Evo shop!"


Trusted. Professional. Quality.